Confirmed invited speakers: 

Professor Yoshikazu Miyanaga - Hokkaido University

Professor Matthew Turk - University of California

Professor Binboga Siddik Yarman - Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa
Power of Mathematical Tools and Models from Circuit Designs to the Assessment of Human Interacted Events

Special session:
Intelligent Internet-of-Things (i-IoT)

The purpose of this session is to inspire and to provoke the audience and the researchers worldwide to invent, discover and develop new technologies and practical real-life applications based on intelligent
IoT systems dedicated to improve the people's quality of life.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. People-centric IoT
2. Real-time IoT applications
3. Wearable systems
4. IoT in smart cities, smart transportation systems, etc.
5. Smart Homes and Assistive Environments
6. IoT in diagnosis
7. Sensory Challenges for IoT
8. Analytics/Machine Learning in IoT